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I remember that, when I was a student, the main sources of entertainment were to listen music, play outdoor games, read novels made available by vendors at some rented cost. In addition an interesting way to learn and get entertain was to read story books which were either part of syllabi or of the writers which make their text to touch real life problems. I may quote here some of them: Usne kaha Thaa (It was told by him) by Neerja Guleri; Rag Darbari, by ShriLal Shukl; Stories by Munshi Prem Chand (A teacher) etc. For the subjects other than languages, which were part of syllabi, there were less alternate reading options.

The limited text availability was major hindrances to make the education accessible. Constraints like cost, low technical skills etc., at that time, made education a mile stone for students. Undoubtedly the cost of printed matter today in itself is not minimised but enhanced technological skills has opened myriad ways to learn and added to make text available to an end person.

It all could have been possible due to the vital role of education in the growth of the world. The older generation is stake holder to be credited of today’s development as their keen efforts and belief to pass on the education to coming generations.

It is hard to replace text in hard copy by digital readings, but certainly the digital readings has added to availability of text. The constant development of the world and technology is outcome of the wide spread education.     

With the growth of the web and everything going online, the demand for online education has rapidly increased. The students are learning things and getting educated online. This increases the need for educational content on the web. There are numerous educational bloggers and brands that are helping students get educated through their online services.

One thing that makes the web studies more purpose full is that the required text can be consulted instantly without wait or bringing break to minimize brain tease. Digital contents availability facilitated to read text written by different authors via different approaches.   

Education is an essential part of every individual. It helps to differentiate between right and wrong. Education is not only about learning from books, but a person can also get educated by exploring things and observing the surrounding.

These are the few words which I thought to be shared with readers. Without making long gossips, now we come to some essential features of the web. jbspublishers.com

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