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“Mathematics is mother of all the sciences” The quote is unbeatable truth as it is a tool to solve all problems of other sciences. Maximum attentions given to the subject has made the technology so advance, accessible and beautiful. Some myth about the subject is that it is a dull subject. But think who has made the word beautiful how it can be dull? To break the myth, and make the readers friends with the Subject, our main focused area of interactions is Mathematics.

Who we are

Supporting Students Since 2009

We decided to make text available at graduation level first that to some extent, also includes the course of Post graduate studies curriculum. We are not to just stop here, with the brain of the young and experienced academicians the availability of the text will be extended as reference text. It is our main motto to make the prelim studies in the subject more interesting and easy to understand. For that my dream is to bring comprehensive mathematics for primary classes and up to 10 + 2 under the National Education Policy.
The books are written with the aim that a student should draw pleasure while reading Mathematical text and to make feel it like a tool of entertainment.
What motivated to write mathematics Books:
If someone is asked to choose a good book, it is certainly the one which make the reader full of joy and to gain something at every reading. It is the mathematical magic which compels a reader to think from different angles of a problem. Then of course some new is drawn and makes a brain more sharp.
The foremost thing which motivated to create a series of books is that idea or determination that once reader starts reading, he must be able to solve whole the exercise given after every chapter. And to some extent efforts have come true.
The other motivation is that one should have an easy approach of the text at genuine cost of time as well as money. There must be a corner to store books in every house.
That the text must be well explained to make it access to maximum number of aspirants. Indians are mathematics brainy, it just requires exposure of the subject, which we are trying.
It is common that in daily life normal mathematical calculations are of need at every step and we are determined to put the mathematics at primary and high school level to make it popular by using logical strength of the subject.

JBS (Jai Bhawani Shanker) publishers and distributors, came in existence with aspects to make available cheap and accurate text of all courses KG to PG. To make accessibility to each individual, the cost of the text is too low just to meet out the expenditures.
It is a team work carried out with full zeal of the experienced and young minds to facilitate every individual who seeks joy studying mathematics with different aspects. Mathematics is a systematic study and every systematic task give signals of next step to be performed, it teaches to produce an environment fully systematic, honest thinking, continuous working, non-artificial life and original thinking which are block builders of a durable advance peaceful society. .
It is our purpose to put self-contended accurate text in systematic way.

Wish List of Contributors:
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Goyal M.Sc. M. phil. Ph. D. Kurukshetra University
Dr Ram Karan Ex Professor and Chairman, Kurukshetra University
Ms. Rajni Bhalla Principal at Higher Education Govt. of Haryana
Dr. Neetu Gupta Chairperson department of mathematics and Dean of Sciences, J.C. Bose University, Faridabad.
Ms. Manju Aggarwal M. Sc. IIT Delhi, Ex Principal at Higher Education Govt. of Haryana
Dr. Sushil Saini Associate Professor, Gurgaon
Ms. Mithlesh Gupta Associate Professor, Saraswati Mahila Mahvidyalya Palwal
Dr. Punam Kashyap Ex Principal at Higher Education Govt. of Haryana
Dr. Arpana Garg Associate Professor, IB College Panipat
Dr. Sushila Hooda Assistant Professor, Rohtak
Dr. Rajbala Malik Associate Professor, Rohtak
Dr. Savita Garg Associate Professor, Yamuna Nagar
Dr. Seema Bansal Assistant Professor, Bhiwani
Dr. Sanjay Goyal Principal, Vaish College Bhiwani
Ritu Sangwan Assistant Professor, Badhrah
Dr. Jai Bhagwan Assistant Professor, Rohtak
Dr. Vivek Tyagi Assistant Professor, Karnal
Dr. Vishakha Gupta Assistant Professor, Karnal
Dr. Mukesh Bansal Associate Professor, DAV College Faridabad
Dr. Shobhna Goyal Assistant Professor, Ballabgarh
Dr Savita Associate Professor Hissar
Dr. Kavita Saini Assistant Prof. rai Purani
Dr. Jai Singh Ex Reader NIIT Kurukshetra
Dr. Ram Karan, Ex Chairman, Deptt of Mathematics Kurukshetra University
Anil Kumar Senior director, campgemini.
Er. Rattan Dev. Garg Ex SDO Civil.

Main Contributor
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Goyal, Associate professor Aggarwal PG College Ballabgarh, express his gratitude to his teachers. I pursued my M. Sc., M. Phil. and Ph. D. from kurukshetra University, the first University of Haryana. Did work in Algebraic Codding Theory and then Reliability. I taught Linear Algebra and Group Rings at state level through Edusat. Two students successfully completed their Ph. D. under my supervision along with one M. Phill.
I felt big vacuum of availability of accurate text during my teachings. I decided to create a group of learned colleagues to fill the vacuum and the result is that we are now being liked by students and teachers.

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Books available on amazon are
BBA Business Mathematics,
Business Mathematics Distance Education
Algebra and Trigonometry
Linear Algebra
Group and Rings
Jai Hind !!!