Terms & Conditions

Every business or individual has their own requirements on what they need to include in their terms and conditions. Depending on your business here’s a common list of clauses that you may include in your terms and conditions template…

  1. Introduction
    1. Specify the scope of your Terms and conditions agreement
    2. An explanation of the terms you are using in your terms and conditions document
  2. Purchases and other ecommerce related terms
    1. Returns
    2. Disputes
    3. Refunds
  3. Disclaimers related to the delivery of your services and products
  4. Guidelines for using your trademarks, license and copyrights
  5. Your terms around piracy and counterfeit products
  6. User Generated Content; You must specify your policy on the following (but not limited to) issues
    1. intellectual property infringements
    2. anonymous bullying
    3. Pornographic content
  7. Feedback & Contact
  8. Removal of content from your website

Cancellation & Refund Policy

As of now we do not provide any option for cancellation of products and/or services you have purchased or subscribed. Once a product/service has been purchased by you, we cannot provide any refund, either totally or partially. We suggest that first you go through the demos and/or free to use contents/products/services before you subscribe to or purchase from us.

Pricing Policy

All Price are subject to change without any notice. Our Pricing policy includes all the taxes and norms that are applicable as per the government policies.